Surprise, We’re Married!


If you know Cassie or Jordan well, you know we weren’t really into the whole wedding planning process. Our deepest desire for our big day, what we wanted more than anything, was something simple and intimate. To do it our way, we knew it would HAVE to be a secret from everyone. Yes, EVERYONE! The only person who knew other than us, was the pastor who married us. We literally picked our wedding day (Sunday, May 19) in January — before we were officially engaged. We prayed for the whole thing to pan out exactly as planned, because needless to say, a lot could have gone wrong. GOD ANSWERS PRAYER is all we can say. He really does. Cassie even had “God answers” engraved on the inside of Jordan’s ring.


In order to have our immediate families with us, we chose to get married during Cassie’s family vacation at Oak Island, North Carolina, which is only 20 miles from Jordan’s family in Wilmington. In January, we decided we would get married the first weekend of the vacation and spend our “honeymoon” the rest of the week with Cassie’s family. We called Cassie’s old youth pastor and told him our plan, which he loved, and he agreed to marry us and council us in person the five months leading up to our wedding day.

Cassie’s family and Jordan’s family hadn’t even met after all these years, and we told them we were meeting in Southport for “family portraits” and “an early dinner.” Both those details are true, too, there was just a wedding tied into all that. Because of the portraits, we were able to have a dress code: Pink and blue were our colors. Jordan, Cassie’s handsome husband, was wearing a baby blue gingham shirt, a tan pants and vest suit, and a pink tie. Cassie, Jordan’s beautiful bride, wore a lace ivory dress with a champagne silk bow, champagne polo boots and had a baby’s breath halo and pink and blue hydrangea bouquet. But boy did we have a hard time getting our family to take our color scheme seriously!! Cassie secretly had to buy dresses for her sister, Tara, and her sister-in-law, Claire, which they would change into later, and Jordan was able to coax his sister into wearing a pink dress.

We told everyone to meet at a nearby park in Southport. But Jordan? He and the pastor were waiting at the bed and breakfast a block away… I told everyone he was setting up for the portraits and that there was no parking where we were going. They bought it with little questioning. Finally, everyone arrived — Jordan’s parents and sister, Cassie’s parents, her brother and sister and their families — nine adults total, plus Cassie’s two little nieces and nephew. Cassie led the family up Lord Street (we got married on Lord Street!) to the beautiful Robert Ruark Inn where we had white chairs and huge balloons set up, and Jordan and pastor Heath were in the sideyard underneath a beautiful magnolia tree that resembled a live oak, with outstretched limbs offering shade for the ceremony.

The Robert Ruark Inn was a beautiful backdrop to our intimate nine-person+three-kid wedding.

We had a hidden video camera set up to capture everyone’s reactions. Watch the video below to hear/see our family’s reactions once they realized what was about to happen… Cassie’s mom was the last to “get it.” She also nearly passed out and caught herself up against the picket fence. I’d say everyone was in shock for 24 hours, but they were all tearfully excited for us just moments after they walked into the biggest surprise of their lives.

Cassie and her mom, sister, sister-in-law and three-year-old niece/flower girl went up to Jordan and Cassie’s honeymoon room to change for the ceremony.  Cassie bought pink dresses for her sister and sister-in-law and a flower halo for her niece Selah. Selah threw rose petals down the aisle and all over Cassie’s dress as Cassie’s dad gave her away. The ceremony was short and sweet and the kiss was long and sexy.

After the ceremony, we did pictures. Then we had a simple but delicious barbecue dinner on the bed and breakfasts’ patio and we had a two layer raspberry filled wedding cake for dessert. Everything was perfect and our families intermingled and got along well, laughing about hearing all the behind and scenes drama, like when Jordan and I nearly ran into my mom and dad eating lunch at the BBQ House in Oak Island as we went to pick up our huge to-go order. Watch the iPhone video below after that close call!!

Our group wanted to continue celebrating after sunset so in the darkness, we made our own after-party by leaving the B&B and walking in the middle of Southport’s streets and going to the only place still open, Fishy Fishy, for drinks and toasts. (We wish we had the toasts on video, because they were very, very, very sweet. I hope we’ll remember them forever and ever.) After one round of drinks, we were ready to spend our night together as husband and wife. We walked our families to their cars on the corner of Lord and Moore Streets. Then hand in hand, the Timpys walked back to the bed and breakfast and Jordan carried his beautiful bride up the flight of stairs and over the threshold to “The Captains Room.”

The next morning, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast at 8:30, which began with yogurt and strawberries, coffee and orange juice, and finished with strawberry waffles topped with powered sugar and whipped cream with sausage patties and watermelon. Jordan couldn’t help but snap a photo of his wifey across the table from him with his iPhone (below).


After checkout, Cassie’s dad picked us up from the B&B. He was on cloud 9, but then again, so were we. When we got to the beach house, her family covered us in confetti string. Then they led us into the master bedroom, which Cassie’s parents had generously moved out of, and they showed us our fully-decorated honeymoon suite. Streamers, Christmas lights, flower arrangements, paper wedding bells, turquoise paper orbs, sparkling grape juice chilling, and Lindt chocolates on the pillow cases… the room felt like a real honeymoon suite. Then they told us to stand on the porch, and Jordan’s car got brought in, which had JUST MARRIED, HONK 4 LOVE and other things painted on the windows. His car was also fully FILLED with balloons. What a wonderful honeymoon/family vacation it has been!



Photos from our big day…





7 thoughts on “Surprise, We’re Married!

  1. Cassie,may you and Jordan enjoy all the wonderful things life has to offer..mainly each other…the ups and downs, but knowing you have a strong love of each other and our Lord to hold you through the downs and wonderful friends and family to share your ups!!! we love you very much..and congrats on pulling off your fabulous surprise..I expected nothing less….a “great fan”of yours…Andrea

  2. What a fabulous story – Like the Frank Sinatra song says ” You did it (our ) way”!! Congratulations to both — Jordan – Cassie – I am sure Cathy and Dave and family were shocked, but thrilled for you both on this special day!! Again, Congratulations and many – many happy wonderful years together…. Janice – Steve Shuda (NJ neighbors (1994) from across street!) XOXOXO

    • What an amazing surprise and week it was for the Butler and the Timpy households. I doubt if any of us were ever more surprised at this event nor more blessed by one! Great job you little sneakers! Mom

  3. Congratulations you two! Cheers and hope you have a wonderful life together. Lincoln and I wish you all the happiness and love you can handle.Love, Cameron & Lincoln

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